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Wedding Videography – The Often Overlooked Supplier

Every single wedding that is planned ensures that they hire a professional wedding photographer to capture those once in a lifetime moments. It is almost a given that organising a photographer for the special day is one of the very first things that a newly engaged couple will begin to organise. This is justly so, we believe that it is one of the most important suppliers that you will book for this momentous day, as it is one that helps encapsulate and capture the magic, spirit, vibe and love of one of the biggest events of your lives from a third party perspective, and when it is done right, by a professional, it looks absolutely amazing.

However, many couples choose to skip all the same benefits and value that a wedding videography supplier can offer to the repertoire of suppliers they have already booked and organised. For one reason or another, some couples don’t place as much importance and value on the capturing of moving pictures as they do on the still shots that they pay for. At The Clarence House Wedding Venue Sydney, we look after hundreds of weddings every single year and we speak to even more couples who are tying the knot or those who already have, and we think  that this is not the actual case and that they are both essential for your wedding day and for a few reasons:

Photos can only capture so much:
A picture says a thousand words, and this is true. A great photo can tell an amazig story. But in saying that, photos can only take you so far into the moment. A video can fill in so many of the gaps that a still shot simply cannot capture. A video will allow you to relive and hear your voice tremble as you read your vows to your partner, watch your friends having fun and pulling off silly dance moves on the dance floor or even witnessing the tears roll down your parents face with joy.

Any married couple will tell you, this day flies:
Ask anyone who has lived through this amazing day and they will tell you two things: the day is extremely overwhelming with emotions and that the day absolutely flies before your eyes. Due to all this emotions and the sheer amount of things going on at such an intense pace, many people report that they barely remember a lot of events that happened on the day and in the blink of an eye, the day was over. The reason why a videographer is an integral option is because it gives you the capacity to sit down, watch the entire day at your own pace, leisure and without all the emotion and commotion that goes with actually being in the moment.

Document the most important day ever:
Whilst photography can achieve this to a certain extent, the more people documenting your special day, the more comprehensive it will be in the end and more moments will be captured as their are more hands on deck to do so. Also, from an artistic perspective, different aspects and angles will be better captured as one may choose to focus on one aspect of a particular moment, while the videographer may capture something totally different, that will delight you as you got two different artistic views from the one moment.

It’s great for when family and friends come over:
It is nice to have people to look at the wedding photos, but it is also an experience in itself to have family and friends over to relive and watch the wedding video with people you care about.

Ok, so price can be an issue:
Some of us are on a budget when it comes to our wedding days, which is fine. But you need to place value in what you are paying for, and capturing the most amazing day of your life ranks up there. Many photographers will work with videographers and if they are from the same company, they can make a bundled price to help you save money on both the photography and videography. They usually tend to work better with videographers they have worked with on previous weddings so they capture moments in harmony and know when to step back whilst the other is capturing so they don’t get in each others way.

We really hope that you book a wedding videographer to compliment and add value to the wedding photography, we really believe that both are important in shooting your wedding day so you can enjoy still moments in time but also relive motion pictures of the biggest occasion of your life.


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