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Best Hotel Rooms After Your Sydney Wedding Reception

You have spent months and months planning for your big day, you have picked them all, invitations, flowers, napkins, place settings, wedding venue, the list goes on and on and on. Now it is time for the groom to do some planning, the wedding night festivities. Tradition says the groom makes all the plans for the wedding night but, we suggest to put a little bug in his ear about what your perfect wedding night would be. Let’s face it guys are not usually the best at this stuff, most would just pick a typical hotel, as long as it has a bed they are happy. So do not be afraid to discuss the plans you would like with him. The last thing you want is disappointment on the night after your big day. As a matter of fact men are usually simple creatures, they don’t ask for much and are not usually too picky when it comes to details. If you would like something a little more romantic then what he would pick, speak up he will welcome the suggestions. There a some tips you can follow when it comes to the plans that will make sure the night is just as special as the big day without you having to plan it all yourself.

First step we suggest is talk with him about what you would like. The big night can be anything you want it to be from an all-night party to a romantic evening relaxing and enjoying each other alone. Also the next morning is important. There again do you want to be alone for breakfast , meet up with family, meet up with other guests, the decision is up to the two of you. Just remember if you want to be alone try to pick a hotel that none of your guests are staying or you will be sure to run into them while coming and going from the establishment.

If the two of you have decided to stay in a completely different hotel then your guests and or the venue of your wedding make sure it is not too far away. The last thing you need is to get stuck in traffic while trying to get back and forth or something else happen. The longer the distance you are from your venue the more chance of something going wrong and you being late or not being able to make it at all. Plus after all the festivities from your big day, and a few to many glasses of Champagne the last thing you want to do is drive to far to get to your peaceful and private suite for the evening. If you are leaving from your honeymoon the next morning, try staying at the airport hotel or one as close as possible. The quicker of a commute in the A.M. the more sleep you will be able to get, and trust the big day is exhausting, sleep will be welcomed!

When booking the venue for your wedding maybe check out if they have suites available. Some places will provide the suite for free since you are spending so much time there and giving them a lot of business. If they do not have a suite of their own they may have special prices or discounts at hotels near their establishment. It never hurts to ask these questions.

It is also good to keep in mind that going all-out on your suite for that night may be a waste of money. More than likely you will be exhausted and just want to relax and enjoy the quietness. Spending extra money on things like unlimited spa access and things of that nature will never get used. Instead save that money and add some extras to the honeymoon where they will be more than likely used. Your actual time spent in this room will probably be limited, especially if you are leaving first thing in the morning on a plane, so keep those expenses to a minimum. I am sure you can find more important things to put that money toward then extras that will not be used.

When searching for a hotel to spend your first night as husband and wife in make sure you find a place that will let you check out late. Unless you are leaving early for your honeymoon you will want to sleep in and then enjoy a nice breakfast. You do not want to have to rush to get to breakfast and check out before 10 a.m. like most hotels.

Also while researching hotels ask if they have special newlywed accommodations. Some places will offer things like chocolates, flowers, Champagne or wine, music, bath and massage oils, strawberries etc. Little things in your room like this make a simple hotel room a little more special for your first night as husband and wife. These are the things you will remember, not the unlimited spa access for an extra $50.00 that will more than likely not get used one minute let alone unlimited visits.

Last but not least, make sure you book your suite in the venue before suggesting it to your guests. You have way more on your plate then your guests so more likely than not they will be booking earlier then what you would think. More times than not the guests fill up the hotel and there is no place left for you and your groom. As much as you appreciate that they took your advice you will find they will also take your room. Make sure your stuff is all booked and reserved then send out your recommendations to all guests of where to stay and the venue that your special day will be held.

Here are our Top 3 Wedding Night Hotels in the Sydney CBD Area:

  1. The Darling: A new luxury complex in the heart of Pyrmont and an extension of The Star Casino. We recommend The Jewel or the Adored Rooms which come with Baths and other amenities that are perfect for your wedding night.
  2. The 1888 Hotel: Also located in Pyrmont and managed by the ‘8’ Hotels Group. This rustic style accommodation will provide a warm and intimate setting to rest after the big day you’ve just had.
  3. The QT Sydney: A fun and quirky hotel located in Sydney’s CBD on Market Street. This is such a warm hotel with great and friendly staff, and not a bad place to consummate the marriage ;)

If you follow these simple tips you will be sure to have a wonderful wedding night. Remember at the end of the day it all comes down to you and your special someone. Make sure it is about you and the love you share with them and as long as they are by your side in the end that is all that matters. Congratulations and best wishes!


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