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Wedding Games To Make Your Reception Fun

If you are looking to spice up your wedding reception, the answer is simple. We are seeing a new trend in wedding receptions, where the bride and groom offer activities other than dancing for the wedding guests’ enjoyment. Wedding games will make your reception all the more memorable by providing guests unique activities, which capture their interests. They will be able to build happy memories of your special day, and feel relaxed and at ease without the pressure to dance the night away. Not everyone enjoys dancing, so it is nice to provide other activities for people who still want to have fun, and help them feel comfortable at the same time. Between the wedding toasts and the cutting of the cake, games can be a great way to bring your two families and friends together, by striking a little competition. Help your guests relax and enjoy the ambiance games provide.

Photo scavenger hunts, are a great way to get your guests involved. You will be delighted with the unique candid shots your guests capture of the memories made at your wedding reception. By providing each table with a list of pictures to capture, children and adults alike will enjoy capturing your precious moments with their cameras or phones. By working with Instagram ask people to hashtag your photos with your last name’s wedding (eg.: #Johnsonwedding) so you are able to find your pictures later. Because not all pictures turn out to be print worthy, the digital allows you to pick and choose pictures and use the ones that you love.

Board games can bring out the child in anyone, a board game table, fully equipped with both classic and modern games will delight your guests. Let your friends and family challenge each other to a heated game of checkers, or embrace the laughter of Apples to Apples. Take Jenga to a whole new level by writing wedding related “truth or dares” on each block, or building a lifesize version you are able to play standing up. Board games delight both adults, and children creating a playful environment anyone can enjoy.

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, embrace the beautiful weather and enjoy classic backyard games. Thankfully many of these exciting games are easy DIY’s, easily put together before the wedding. Paint used bottles with your wedding colors and place them in a crate creating a unique and playful game of ring toss. Embrace the luck of a horseshoe and create a horseshoe pit. Make it even more competitive by playing around with the wedding party. Bride’s maids versus Groomsmen the losers have to sing the happy couple a silly song. After the bridal party takes a turn let your guests play for prizes and bragging rights.

When all the children have gone to sleep enjoy the games you played back in college. Whether you decide to use actual alcohol is up to you, but games such as beer pong and flip cup can create an exciting buzz, creating a playful environment for the adults in your life. Start off the fun and games by going traditional, with boys versus girls competing to win your favorite drinking game you will find yourself laughing yourself to tears and bringing out the competitiveness of your wedding guests.

A couple that video games together, stays together. We can’t guarantee that this is in fact true but you will not regret it if you incorporate fun video games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero into your wedding reception. Great for gamer couples, adding the games they are passionate about allows them to create an environment that resembles their personalities. Let your friends and family rock out to their favorite hits and watch them act silly with the plastic guitars. Make sure to snap pictures of your friends and family acting silly with their rock star moves, and record their best singing attempts.

A great party game that allows your guests to get to know you, and your spouse a little better is known as the shoe game. While you are sitting back to back with your spouse trade one shoe. When your guests ask you questions lift the shoe of the person, (either you or your spouse) who fits the question description the best. Whether the question is funny or serious you are sure to learn a lot about each other, and allow your guests to bring up funny or even embarrassing moments from the past. Allow your guests to write their questions on slips of paper to be drawn out of a box, this way everyone has an opportunity to ask their silly questions. Give your guests the opportunity to ask their questions anonymously adding a bit of mystery, and allowing your guests to get comfortable asking their questions.

By including games at your fun wedding reception, you are creating an environment that is both relaxing and fun for your guests. By having them work together, or against each other they will build memories of your wedding that will stay with them for a lifetime. Finding games that fit you and your spouse’s personality are easy, and allow your friends and family embrace the activities you love. Just be sure to have your friends and family snap pictures throughout the reception, capturing every memorable moment. Your guests will look back on your wedding with pleasant memories, and a few laughs. By adding a few personalized activities to your wedding reception, your night will be unique and enchanting.


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