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Saving Money On Your Wedding Day

As beautiful and stressful as the planning for a wedding can be, there is a very good chance that one of the sources of that stress comes from the high costs of walking down the aisle. While there is no way to know exactly how your special day will turn out, there are some good steps that you can take to make sure your savings come out looking fine.

You can get off to a good start on cutting down your wedding costs by simply inviting less people. It may be tempting to invite everyone from your neighbor to your old school teacher to see you get married but the more people you have, the more it will cost. This all leads to more invitations, table space, wedding catering and other considerations that can get very costly. People will generally be understanding when you tell them that you just want to have a small ceremony and will still be happy for you. It is your best bet to focus on those closest to you and your partner and document the occasion for everyone else to see.

Finding an affordable wedding dress can go a long way on trimming down your overall costs. Since many dresses can go for thousands of dollars, you can save a lot of money by finding one that just costs hundreds and looks great. Shopping online is a great way to find a designer dress at the right price so it does not eat up your budget. Purchasing a dress from last season is another way to get a quality dress at discounted prices and you should shop around to get the best deal.

A considerable amount of money can also be saved by choosing the right wedding venue location and home sweet home is always a good way to go. Having your ceremony at home or the home of a relative is not only low-cost but holds a certain amount of charm. Parks and beaches are other nice locations that can be beautiful and very affordable at the same time. Traveling around the town you want the wedding to be in to see what locations can be rented and used for a wedding will help you out.

With the improvement in audio technology over the years, getting good quality music for events is easier than ever. Renting a sound system and playing your list of songs on it can be much cheaper than hiring a DJ or band. If you really want to have live music at your ceremony, you can contact local bands that sound good and just want some exposure to come to your wedding to play for cheap. Aspiring violinist and singers may also be obtainable for low prices or for free.

The timing of your wedding can play a big role in how much it will cost you and choosing the right date is good move to make. The summer is naturally a popular time for weddings and if you hold your ceremony in the winter for example, venues and wedding products will come at cheaper prices. You can also save by choosing a certain day of the week since weekday bookings are usually more affordable than the weekends. You will want to avoid peak seasons for rooms and venues since they will be harder to book and will cost more. Holidays are definitely occasions to avoid planning a wedding on if you want to save money and they can be bad for guests as well.

What you decide to serve for food and beverages will play a significant role in how much you spend on your wedding as well. Letting a caterer know that you want to keep costs down is a good way to get the right foods and condiments from the start. You can always have family members help out and cook their favorite dishes so they can add them to the meal items. Using affordable meats and Champagne varieties instead of the fanciest options will make things easier on your wallet. Serving different appetizers and treats at dinner will fill the guests up more and gives them a variety of items to try.

Being creative with your lighting and your invitations are seemingly small ways to save money that are actually very helpful. Sending out dozens or even hundreds of fancy locations all around the country can be very expensive and stressful. Doing things like making your own invitation designs and using digital invitations will be cheaper ways to be unique and fun. Candlelight is a lovely way to brighten up your reception and keep the costs down at the same time. Saving money on the little things can really add up and put less stress on your finances.

Having everyone roll up their sleeves and contributing something to the wedding cannot only save a lot of money but is also a way for them to play a role in it all. Everyone involved can add their talent to the wedding plans and decrease the need for hiring outside help. If your brother is a talented photographer, let him take some of the wedding photos for you. If your mom is a wonderful baker with good recipes, she can help make some desserts for the reception and you will be saving money along the way.

Trying to make your dream wedding come true while working within the limits of a budget can be the experience of a lifetime. It is not the easiest thing in the world to pull off and can take months to get everything straightened out. Careful planning is the best way to accomplish both goals and it is not an impossible task. Making the right choices at level of your wedding planning will bring costs way down and you can make this process a fun endeavour instead of a chaotic one. Having a great ceremony is the ultimate goal and knowing that you saved money at the same time should be another bonus for you and your partner.


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