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Unique And Fun Guest Book Ideas For Weddings

Weddings are a chance for a bride and groom to show off their own style and personality. A couple only gets one wedding, so make it your own. Make it a reflection of you, your spouse to be, and a symbol of the love you share for each other. There is a time for tradition, and there is a time to break with tradition and do your own thing. With so many traditions involved with a wedding, one can get quite overwhelmed. One tradition that is fun and even encouraged to play with is your guest book.

The article will discuss fun and exciting ideas for your own weddings Guest Book. Fun Guest Book Ideas are a great way to add your own flare and personality to your wedding, let your guests know the tone and formality of your ceremony, and keep your treasured memories for years to come.

Your guest book should be a reflection of you as a couple. It should set and match the tone of your special day, and it should be as fun or traditional as you feel is warranted. The book and idea behind it should be a form of expression, and artistic enough to stand on its own. It can be simple or elaborate, but it should speak of your unique personality to your guests.

Tokens are a great alternate to a guest book. Imagine an artfully decorated box, a pile of sharpie markers and a large supply of wooden shapes like hearts. Your guests can sign their own heart, add their own advice and words of good fortune or praise, and drop it into the box that you will take and place in a special honored location in your new home together. The idea is simple, speaks of symmetry and beauty, and is great for a couple who enjoys down to earth yet fun ideas. This idea can be particularly inexpensive as well.

The idea of a token based guest book has a lot of variations to the theme. People have used wishing stones in place of wooden hearts for great looking and artful effects. There is the blank puzzle method. In this fun idea the tokens are blank puzzle pieces and each guest signs one or more, removes them from the puzzle and places them in a decorative box. The bride and groom then have the fun of putting their own guest book puzzle together later. The puzzle can then be taken apart, or glued together and hung on the wall.

In addition you can also pair it with a decorative painting and have your tokens be glued or pinned to it, creating an actual work of art that can hung on a wall and admired. Speaking of wall art, guest books that are paintings are growing ever popular. A water color of a tree with branches or leaves to sign is a fun guest book idea. There are a million different and inventive tokens you can use from wine corks to Jenga blocks even.

Additionally and painting of multicolored balloons, one balloon for each guest to sign is a fun guest book idea. There are literally a million variations you can think of. A painting of rows of flags to sign, a painting of vines with oversized leaves to sign, the variations are endless. Put some thought into this idea and choose a theme that registers with you.

Another popular choice is postcards. Print a postcard, stylized for your wedding, for each of your guests. Guests can fill out as little or as much as they want. You can include such fun headings on the card as, “advice for the newlyweds,” or, “Memories of the day,” to get them started. You could include areas to draw pictures as well. The whole card comes three hole punched so you can insert each card into your own customized book. A fun and artful way to have words of wisdom passed from you to your guests.

As arts like knitting and quilting come back into style, couples looking for inventive and fun guest book ideas have jumped on board. Some couples are having custom made quilts commissioned as a way to spice up the guest book tradition. A blanket made of colored squares or other artful designs, and fabric pens or sharpies ready to sign. The happy couple now has a memento to hang on a wall or cover a guest bed.

For more radical ideas for fun guest book ideas, we have the wishing tree. A tree with little baubles hanging from it, it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Each guest signs a card with a little wisdom and hangs it from the tree. The happy couple now has a table center piece at home to admire and remind them of their friends and family on that happy day.

Some couples are even bringing in large equipment in their search for a unique wedding guest book. A photo booth adds fun and picture memories of your special day. Folks can take their pictures, and the write a message to you on their own photo, which you can save as a physical reminder forever after.

No matter the form of your guest book, it will be a fun and memorable day. Put some planning and thought into it, and it will give you and your friends and family something to remember and cherish forever.


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