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Tools to help you plan the perfect wedding day

We all know how much work goes in to planning the biggest day of your life, and even if you don’t, you are about to find out. This, however, does not have a need to panic, stress out or become a bridezilla, it just calls for you to be organised, well planned and on top of everything involved in your wedding. If this doesn’t sound like you, then luckily, we have collated the best wedding planning tools on the internet, a long with a few handy hints that will help you to plan the best wedding possible.

 1. Guest List and Tracking RSVP’s and more

First and foremost, one of the hardest things to track when organising a wedding is who you have invited, who has RSVP’d and keeping track of all the facets related to each guests, which can range from, but are not limited to, dietary requirements, bomboniere’s and Thank You Cards. By downloading this Guest List Tracker from our friends over at Wedding Ideas Magazine, you are going to be able to manage the entire guest invitation and list process more efficiently and get a great overview of how things are tracking, and who is coming, or yet to RSVP so you can give a gentle reminder to those few people who are usually slow to get back to you about your special day.

2. Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

The average Sydney wedding can cost up to $100,000, with the average wedding sitting at around the $65,000 mark. This is something most couples should be managing from the very start, and should be adding in every component of the wedding, from the invitations, to the flowers, all the way up to the Honeymoon. Set your budget and what you are willing to spend at the start of your wedding planning process, and aim to stick to it and be diligent about what you can afford. Download this Wedding Budget Spreadsheet and start entering in your wedding expenses today!

3. 12 Month Wedding Planner

Get a holistic view of where you should be up to and when with this helpful 12 month wedding planner PDF. It is a great idea to know how far along the wedding process you should be up to at what time, to stay stress-free, ahead of the timeline as time most definitely does fly when you are planning a wedding, alongside other life commitments such as work, family and other commitments. This is a great tool to plan, and includes everything you are going to need, and feel free to add your own spin on the planning ideas.

4. Guest Seat Planner

Once the guest list is finalised, and all your guests have RSVP’d and you have tracked this using the Guest List Tracker above, then you are ready to do your seating arrangements for the night. Most wedding venues, like us, at The Clarence House provide our guests with an exact floor plan, along with a seating planner tool, so you are able to allocate your guests to a seat to the actual specifications of the room that you will be having your wedding in. Other great online tools to do this include – Tablerrr, All Seated and this great free seating arrangement tool from Hitched. Have a play around, and feel free to have some friendly arguments with your partner and family over who will be sitting where and make sure you provide reasons to support your arguments!

5. Wedding Day Run Sheet

The actual timing of your wedding day is a crucial element of how the day will run. There is so much to fit in to one day, so it is absolutely essential to have a well thought out wedding day runsheet. From what time the bridal party will start getting ready, from the time the ceremony will take place, to the reception and everything in between, it is important to set the correct amount of time for each event, formality and speech, to ensure you are not rushing around and missing out on certain events that make a wedding day special. It is best to plan extra time, so that if one aspect of the day goes a little over time, then you will be able to make up lost time later on in the day. As is it always hard to plan every single aspect, this is a good idea, and encourage suppliers, your venue, wedding planner and guests to stick to the run sheet and keep things moving along on time.

6. MC Template

Not al weddings hire a professional MC. At The Clarence House – we are more than happy to supply you with one of our in-house and professional MC’s that we know and trust. However, some couples choose to have a loved one, a friend or a well spoken guest to provide the MC duties on the day for the reception. Please find provided an MC Template for you to download, which will have an appropriate order of events, and what to say for each component and formality for the night. Feel free to edit, add in some personal stories, and if your MC is up for it, a joke or two in there.

7. Music List Template

Our friends over at Wedding DJ Hire has provided us with a Song List Template that you are able to fill out. This will make communicating music to your DJ simple. It has all the music that you want for the start of the night, canapés and during during, songs that you want for the dancing and celebratory aspect of the night, and even specifically timed songs for formalities like the Bridal Party Entrance, Cutting of the Cake, First Dance, Bridal Waltz and even the final song of the night. You can also have a look at their online playlists  to see some song suggestions for various genres, and DJCo also have a handy article on The best wedding songs.

8. Staying Organised

Make sure you stay organised with the best cloud applications from the company we know and love – Google Apps. The first one you know and probably already use is Gmail. Create a unique email that will only be fore wedding specific emails, that way, you and your partner can both have the password to this email and access all the correspondence relating to your wedding from anywhere, from any device (which is important in today’s mobile world) Create an email that is specific to your

Next tool that comes in Handy is Google Drive – great for cloud storage and editing also. There are applications on your smartphones, and you are also able to edit spreadsheets, documents and files online – so that you are your partner have the most up to date version, without having to email yourselves multiple copies of the same document or spreadsheet. There are great collaboration tools built in to Google Drive – so working together on wedding related things will be a breeze.

And lastly from the Google suite, stay on top of critical dates with a shared Google Calendar. Cloud based, accessible from your web browser and mobile device. You and your partner are going to be able to schedule appointments with vendors, meeting with your venues and so much more. Do yourself a favour and use these cloud based tools to help plan your big day.

9. Wedding Inspiration

Having wedding block? – it’s like writers block – but for wedding inspiration! Have no fear – there are plenty of wedding inspirational blogs, tools and websites that you can visit. The most popular visual based tool is without a doubt Pinterest – for all your wedding inspiration needs – and it is very easy to create a new board and pin some photos of flowers you like, dresses you would like made and even save colours and fonts of stationary that you think would suit your wedding.

Brides magazine also has some fantastic wedding inspiration, articles and pictures from real weddings.

We hope that this article helps you to comprehensively  plan your wedding day, and to take away the stress and headaches of not know what to do next and how to stay on top of the wedding planning process. This is going to be the best day of your life, so we hope that you plan it exactly as your have envisioned it.


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