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Tips for a wedding menu that your guests will enjoy!

The most important aspect of a wedding will vary depending on who you speak to. A few people will say that the entertainment trumps all, some will say the wedding venue is the biggest factor of them all, and others will even say that the hospitality and service is key.

Although food may not always be the number one aspect that everybody mentions when determining the overall success of a wedding, but the quality of the food is definitely a major aspect of the night for all in attendance as everyone will be consuming it. Many people will look forward to going to a wedding for the food and the menu that is in stall for them so it’s best not to disappoint. Not only is serving delicious food important to your guests, it definitely has the capacity to put everyone in a fantastic mood at your wedding after they have experienced a series of fantastic and well thought out dishes.

Having the right menu for the right guests is a truly crucial part of the night that can have people talking about your night for all the right reasons and is something you want to hit the nail on the head with in order to delight your guests and leave them wanting more. Having great food will set your wedding apart from others and is worth the time and the money to ensure that you get it spot on.

When booking a wedding reception venue, you really need to factor in the reputation they have for their food and their menu. Investigating this issue is easy by doing a Google search and finding a venues Google+ page and reading reviews from past couples who had their wedding there and guests who attended. A lot of people will leave a comment about the food, service and overall ambience of the function centre. Venues always have a standard menu that they offer, but don’t be afraid to spend a little bit extra to get their premier options or customise it to suit you and your guests palette and personality.

The aim is to offer a menu that your guests will absolutely love and leaving them desperately waiting for the next course. Also, it’s interesting to leave them guessing as to what they could possibly be eating next. Starting off with the canapés, it is a great idea to really experiment with this course as it is the hor d’oeuvres that set the tone and the mood for what the rest of the night will bring. Really surprise guests by offering something they have never tried at a wedding before. How about edible spoons to accompany the food that comes out, flavours that are unusual but still tasty and presented in a unique way that will be obtaining comments from guests and have people talking right from the get go.

Moving on, your entreés need to keep the ball rolling in this regards. After all, your guests are at a wedding, and want to be amazed and experience the whole night. Entreés are normally individually served and alternating, so you have 2 options to give people so make them contrast an very different so that the person eating the dish is peaking over at their neighbour and observing what they are eating and intrigued by what it is, but at the same time, feel happy that they recieved the dish that they did. It is a fine balance and don’t be surprised when you see forks and plates being interchanged across the table, this is a good sign. In regards to the presentation, you want it to be spectacular and entice the visual senses also. They say that we eat with our eyes! Portions should be generous but not too much that they fill up before the main course arrives at their tables.

Taking into account the season that you’re holding your wedding is also another important factor when choosing the main meal component of your menu. As the majority of weddings are held in the warmer months, most people will go with foods that compliment the season. In the winter months, more people will choose to go with a more comforting and hearty menu to accompany the colder months of the year.

Main meals should be served in the same fashion as the entrees, alternating and individually served. These should be 2 options that you know the majority of your guests will like. These need to be a bit safer than the canapes options because if someone doesn’t like a canape, they can skip it and it wont really effect their night. However, if the same occurs with a main meal, it can potentially ruin a great night and we don’t want that happening. You usually cant go wrong with a small twist on a crowd favourite like Chicken, Beef or fish, so stick to the basics and have a small point of difference to ensure tey are sitll impressed

Last, but certainly not least, the dessert should really tie the night up well and summarise the night perfetly to leave that sweet taste in peoples mouths for the ride home. The dessert is some peoples favourites!

Quick but important tips:

  1. Be sure to tie in a theme for the food for the night
  2. Don’t forget your cultural ties and heritage. Ensure you incorporate who you are and where you come from into the menu.
  3. If possible, ensure there is entertain within the serving of the food/
  4. Try to be different and have people try new htings they would normally never try at a wedding.
  5. Ensure there is plenty of alcohol in the menu! People have fun at weddings when they drink (responsibly ofcourse)

Would love to hear your comments on what makes the perfect wedding menu so feel free to drop us a line.


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