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10 Tips to Tighten Up Your Wedding Budget

They say love is priceless, but the price tag on an Australian wedding has reached startling new heights. Recent studies show that Aussies are now spending $54,294 on average to make their special day, just that. In the 2013 survey, most of the couples who participated report that they budgeted to spend around $29,000 on their entire wedding, from start to finish with the honeymoon included.

It is evident that we seem to get carried away with the investing when it comes to our special day. Even though it is set to be the most amazing day of your life, we want to help you have that unforgettable day whilst still being able to tighten up your budget, get the most value for your dollar & have the best start to your marriage as possible. Here are The Clarence House tips to help you tighten up your wedding budget:

    • 1. Firmly Set Yourself a budget
      Yes, the number one tip on how to tighten up your wedding budget, is to first of all set one up. You and your fiance need to delegate some time to have a sit down and draw up a detailed budget split into categories so you know how much money to allocate to your special day and how much you are willing to spend on each facet of the big day. There is sure to be some heated debates during this time, so take each others feedback on board and come to an agreed amount that as a couple, you can afford. This will help keep you guys in check, stay more organised and will make you less likely to make those nasty impulse decisions.
    • 2. Value supersedes Price
      Although price is important to us all, we like to think that value trumps all. When you look at value, you are seeing what you get for your money, however, when you blindly just look at price, you only see a dollar amount. An example to help show you what we mean, one wedding venue may be more expensive per head than another, however, if one venue includes a wedding DJ, professional MC and other inclusions in their package, then you potentially save money in other areas where you would need to hire and outsource these wedding related services anyway. Always look at what is included in the price given to you to make sure you get spectacular value for your momentous day.
    • 3. Don’t be afraid to haggle
      All you have to do is ask the question! ‘Is that the best price you can do?’ or, ‘could you possibly include any more value in to the price?’ Don’t be afraid to ask, because you never know, you may score yourself a fantastic discounted price or by the same token, extra inclusions for a similar price. A lot of Australian couples are afraid to negotiate a price. When it comes to the packages that wedding suppliers offer, the cost is very rarely set in stone. The worst case scenario in this situation is that they tell you that unfortunately this is the best price they can offer you. Nothing to be embarrassed about, and you could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars when you ask all your suppliers these questions.
    • 4. Don’t rush or make impulse decisions.
      We’re all guilty of it, we see something we want, and next minute, you have either bought it or booked it. This one is really important to help keep your wedding budget in check. Do not make impulse decisions or purchases without giving it some thought. Converse with your fiance, sleep on it and even refer back to your wedding budget you have drawn up. If after thinking for some time and factoring it in to the budget, and it feels right, then it’s safe to book it in or make the purchase. It’s better not to impulse buy and have regrets about it later.
      • 5. Ask friends or family about their experience
        It’s great to be able to learn from other peoples experiences with weddings. See what they would spend their money on again, and what they would’ve cut from their wedding budget if they had their time again. These are people you know, like and trust, so be sure to ask them plenty of questions. It’s good to talk with someone who had a similar wedding to the one you and your partner have in mind. Pick their brain, acquire some handy hints, save some extra money from their advice and be better for it.
      • 6. Do you really need it?
        Just ask yourself the question. If the answer is yes, then you need to spend the money on it. This is a personal one and is definitely circumstantial and will vary from wedding to wedding.
      • 7. Where possible, DIY
        There is no shame in getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself. It’s your wedding, so why not do some of the hard yards yourself. In some cases, it even works out better to do certain things yourself than to pay someone else to do it. This is because no one knows your vision for your perfect wedding day more than you do. If you can handle some of the tasks with a bit of DIY, you can easily save yourself a few hundred dollars by picking up some of the grunt work yourself.
      • 8. Have your wedding on an off day
        The majority of couples choose to have their wedding on a Saturday, however, if you choose to have yours on a Friday night or Sunday evening, you could save money on your per head price at your wedding reception. This can mean big money when you multiply this by the amount of guests you have invited. Even wedding suppliers give discounted rates for off-day weddings. The Clarence House offers stellar discounts for a breath-taking wedding reception held on a Friday or Sunday evening.
      • 9. Avoid the warmer months
        In the same token, having your wedding in the quieter season and steering clear of spring or summer will help you save some dollars also. Who wants to be sweating in their wedding dress or suit posing for pictures in the sun anyway!
    • 10. Use friends or people you know
      Everyone has at least one or two friends that have usable talents for a wedding. These days, it seems that everyone is a DJ, celebrant, we all know a photographer, someone who is creative, a friend who loves putting together floral arrangements. Where possible, ask for help from friends, get a more personalised service and enjoy the ‘mates rates’. It’s usually easier to give your honest opinion to a friend or someone you know rather than giving feedback to a professional you have hired elsewhere.

You wedding day is special, but the last thing you want to do is start your marriage in debt or more bills than what you had planned for. You can have your perfect wedding day without spending more than you can afford, just remember, it’s about you and your partner, the people who matter most and really just celebrating that one person has found the one that they want to share their life with.

Choose a wedding reception package that fits your budget to keep the stress and the budget down! The Clarence House offers amazing packages with inclusions that will delight! We love to deliver our clients stellar value for money, supplier discounts when you book with us, inclusions galore & extravagance for a fantastic price.

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