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Things To Include In Your Wedding Reception

Almost every couple and their families are aware of several things that have to be included in the wedding reception. You would, in all likelihood, have a long list of things to do. While you can have as much or as little as you prefer, here are half a dozen things that you have to include in your wedding reception. You can check out as many wedding reception packages you want and consult anyone you want, all would depict that these following things cannot be avoided if you want a great reception.

Greeting The Guests

The couple and their families have to greet the guests, just as how the guests would like to greet and wish the newlyweds. Even if you have too many guests, you have to find a tactical way to greet all and sundry without spending half the time of your reception.

You can go for a receiving line or greet guests as they are seated at their tables. You can greet a section of your guests at the beginning, a section while some activities are on and the rest while eating or after making a toast. The bottom line is that at your wedding reception in Sydney, no guest should be left out and feel rejected because that is what will happen if you don’t greet them and they don’t get a chance.

Introduction Of The Couple

Now, introduction of the couple may come before greeting the guests or after, depending on how you want to do both. But an introduction has to be there. You can get a prominent member of the family to introduce the couple, the emcee or the DJ can do the honors or a special guest can be entrusted with the task.

Toast & Cake

Raising a toast and cutting the cake should go hand in hand. This saves time and averts long unending speeches. Also, the activity becomes quite fun because everyone has their hands full and are not just staring at the cake waiting for it to be cut.

The Dance

The dance should be well planned or entirely an impromptu affair. Ideally, you should have a DJ or musician playing at your wedding reception in Sydney. If you opt for wedding reception packages then this may be included in it.

Some Fun

Plan some activities which would be fun. You can take inspiration from traditional customs or plan something hip and pop.

Drive Off In Style

The exit of the couple should be well timed and it should be planned. You can get the guests to line up at the exit, sing a song, light up sparkles or shower flowers while the couple embarks on a new journey.


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