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The Proposal – The Do’s, Don’ts, Tips and Ideas

Before we can get to the wedding – we need a proposal. So we are quite sure that because you have came to this article, you are ready to propose to that special someone, the love of your life and take the first step to making an everlasting commitment to each other.

Whilst the wedding day is usually the most important day of your lives together, the proposal is a pretty darn important day that precedes the wedding day. Every guys wants to do this one right – and maybe even try to make it perfect if we can! Here are the ins, outs, do’s, don’ts, tips, tricks and ideas to help you out with popping the questions – in no particular order might we add.

Getting down on one knee
We thought we would start off with an obvious one, and sorry guys, but this one is non-negotiable. Popping the question and getting down on one knee will definitely require you to actually ‘get down on one knee’. This is an oldie but a good, and you will need to get down on your right knee to keep with traditions.

Make sure you ask those 4 little words
Those 4 words being “will you marry me?” – sure, say a few words while you are down on one knee – make sure it’s not from a script and really from the heart about how you feel about your significant other – but it is wise to end with this question – “will you marry me?”

Get in touch with your romantic side
You may not be the most romantic person in the world. But this is a pretty romantic point in time, so put aside the macho man routine and get in touch with what you think your partner would like and enjoy, she will most definitely appreciate the effort.

Location, Location, Location
This is a big one. Make sure the location is somewhere nice, romantic and special. Places not to do it is a packed restaurant, sports stadium or your house! Some good ideas are places you first used to hang out, the beach, on vacation, place where you first kissed or in a park or picturesque location.

Capture the moment
A lot of people these days like to hire a photographer who will be hiding for the moment where you get down and propose. This is a great idea for a few reasons, you can relive the moment, it is completely candid so you capture a great and authentic expression of joy,  you can gift it to her for your wedding and you also have a great photo to add to your social media post after the fact. You will only need to hire the photographer for an hour or so Рso the price should not be too significant.

Old Fashioned, but nice
You can’t always in every situation, for a number of different reasons – but if you can – ask the farther for the hand in marriage. If the father is not in the picture, then ask a parent, guardian or other family member. It is not essential in todays times – but we like the traditional sentiment that it still holds.

If you can – do it early in the evening
For a few reasons – afterwards – you will have time to call and tell and talk to all your family, friends and people you want to tell about the great news. You will also have time for a nice quite dinner together as an engaged couple. You also won’t have to be nervous all night and shaking with fear!

Surprising your fiance-to-be is a massive factor. Keep the plans under wraps. Don’t tell her friends as they might act weird and get her to become suspicious that a proposal might be coming up. Create a decoy to throw her completely off the fact that you might be about to pop the question. Keep the details on a need to know basis, and only let people who are in on the organisational aspects of the proposal in on the secret. The less people that know the better.

About to rattle off a few good points:

  • Do look good for the big moment
  • Have a back up plan – always
  • If something doesn’t go to plan – laugh it off – this is not a movie
  • Share the news after the moment
  • Do the standard Facebook post
  • You must have a ring – even if it’s a placeholder ring to put on her finger.
  • Go ring shopping with her to find out what she likes
  • Do enjoy the moment – don’t be too nervous
  • Make it unforgettable and speak from the heart

Feel free to share with us how you popped the question, any tips you might have and if you had your time again – if you would change anything! Best of luck to those thinking or about to propose.


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