The Hospitality - Clarence House Weddings Sydney
Bride & Groom

Dedicated to your wedding

Ardent and avid, our loyal staff will service your wedding
as if it were their own. A proud smile worn with every
action, not because they are told to, but because providing
unparalleled service is a trait every staff member has in common.

Andy lattouf

Family owned, family run

Dealing with a family business is enigmatically personal.
Meet Andy. Him and his team help you prepare, plan and
organise your special day, from start to finish.
Join our family with yours for this momentous occasion.

Amazing Bridal Waltz

The ‘amazement factor’

We thrive on awing your guests. Whether it be a grand expression
or a humble gesture. Our ambition is to take your breath away for
a single moment in time. We truly believe that this is something
that we will never stop striving for. The theatrics of it all.

Wedding Cake

The magic is in the detail

No element too minuscule, no component too insignificant.
It is the summation of all these modest facets that culminate
to fashion a truly magnificent and memorable experience
for your guests, your partner, and yourself

Discover our passion for creating beautiful moments in time


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