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Popular Wedding Flowers for your reception

Weddings mean flowers. The bride’s bouquet, the centrepiece for the wedding reception, corsages for the bridesmaids, bridesmaid nosegays, boutonnières for the groom and best man, an altar piece, and floral accents for the church and reception are just some of the decisions you need to make. Scent or no scent and coordination of colours with the bride’s gown and the bridal ensemble are also a consideration. Flowers make a statement that is often traditional if not ancient. If you want to make a specific statement you need to consult your florist or wedding planner about what flowers mean and say.

These are some of the most popular flowers for weddings.


Roses are traditional statements of love and romance. Roses can be had in almost any colour. Multicolour roses and roses with border accents in a host of colors have been hybridised for centuries. From virgin white to dark black, roses are a traditional essential for any wedding.

Roses are not cheap regardless of the time of year you marry. The more colourful and multicoloured varieties are the most expensive. For those on a tight budget a selection of roses that have multiple blossoms per stem may be the right choice.

All roses do not have a scent. If you want a floral bouquet to pervade your wedding or reception you need to select a variety of rose that has a strong and lasting cachet that is not overpowering.

Lily of the Valley 

Lily of the Valley is a traditional bridal bouquet flower. The small bell shaped flowers have a strong pleasant scent and are considered a traditional statement of purity and fidelity in many ancient mythologies.

Lilly of the Valley is poisonous so watch out for very young children in the wedding party wanting to take a nibble of the sweet smelling flower.

Lily of the Valley is expensive any time of the year but costs the least during the spring blooming season. You might consider having just a few stems of Lily of the Valley for your bouquet or centerpiece if you have budget constraints for your wedding flowers.


While most people may not think of the tulip as a wedding flower the variety of species and colors make the tulip a perfect choice for the bride’s bouquet, boutonnières and floral accents.

Dutch, French, and parrot tulips are available all year long in almost any color you may consider for your wedding. The parrot variety has a higher intensity of color. Scent can be very powerful or nonexistent in tulips so you have to shop if you want a particular smell.

Tulips are relatively inexpensive due to the huge supply from local and foreign greenhouse growers.


Buttercups are a cost effective alternative to roses. Most buttercup varieties have multiple blossoms per stem and have a sweet smell. The variety of colors is huge so you can use different colors for every part of you wedding floral needs without spending a fortune.

Pink and white buttercups are traditional and are considered to be an affirmation of the lasting charm of the bride to the groom.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas come in an astounding variety of colors from white to intense purple to multicolored red and white varieties. Most sweet peas have a strong scent that smells like sugar coated candy.

Sweet peas are indicative of lasting pleasure and are a traditional choice for the bride’s bouquet and for the bridesmaid’s flowers.

Sweet peas can be expensive depending on the color, size of the blossom, and the time of year you plan to marry.


Stephanotis is a relative of jasmine. The flowers are part of a vine and must be picked individually and wired into a bridal bouquet or any other arrangement.

The small star-shaped flowers with a slightly waxy feel are a traditional choice for the bride’s bouquet and indicate lasting happiness in your marriage.

Stephanotis is most readily available in the spring when the flowers bloom and have been used for so long in weddings that the flower has become to be known as bridal veil. The flower can be had at other times of the year but prices are higher and the flowers may have to be imported.


Hydrangeas make a great accent and addition to arrangements and bouquets due to the size of the blossoms and the huge variety of colors the flower can be made to produce.

Hydrangeas are traditionally associated with vanity and why shouldn’t a bride feel a bit vain on her wedding day.

There are 75 different and commonly available varieties of hydrangea to select from in colors that include white, light blue, pink, red, burgundy, light green, purple, purplish pink and yellow. The petal shape depends on the species you select.

Hydrangeas are usually inexpensive and make a real splash of color in any wedding flower piece.


The peony has a large multi-petaled flower that has a strong scent and vibrant colors. Colors range from a very light tan to dazzlingly soft pinks and whites. If you want a strong sent that lasts a long time pick the herbaceous variety because this species last longer when cut.

Peonies are a traditional sign of bashfulness – presumed on the part of the bride but could apply to the groom just as well. Peonies can be used a bridal bouquet, boutonnières, accents, or as part of an altar piece.

Peonies are reasonably priced during the spring and can be had all year long but are usually imported after spring and are therefore more expensive.

These are some of the most popular flowers used in weddings. They are not all there are and you may want to venture out into your own unique direction with different flowers. Flower power is a part of your wedding. Flowers make a statement of beauty, meaning, and sentiment. A flower from your wedding pressed into your guest book is a special remembrance of your perfect wedding day.


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