Choosing the perfect wedding reception venue for you

Choosing the perfect wedding reception venue for you

The perfect wedding venue can be a completely different image when you speak to various couples. Your ideal wedding venue can make your dream day a reality. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect backdrop that you are after for your special day:

  • How many guests can it accommodate?
    This one is important. Obviously, you would want your wedding reception venue to be able to accommodate the amount of guests you are looking to invite comfortably. You would like there to be enough room to sit, mingle, have a DJ, cake and not for your guests to feel cramped in a space for up to 6 hours. Comfortable guests are happy guests. However, the trick with this one is that you also don’t want to book a venue that is too spacious for the amount of guests you are inviting. This can leave your reception looking empty and the atmosphere can feel dull and loose it’s intimacy that we feel every wedding should have. Some reception venues have a minimum number of guests in order to book the room out for your special night. Find a venue with the right fit for you and your guests.
  • Location & Access
    The perfect venue needs to be convenient, easily accessible and must be in a suitable location that your guests will love. The perfect wedding reception should always provide ample parking for your guests convenience, have disability access and be in a central location for the majority of your guests. Although reception venues in the city offer stunning views, sometimes the inconvenience of travelling to the CBD puts off a lot of guests and can even put them in a poor mood on your big day. The city can be far to travel to, a nightmare to get parking and proves to be expensive should anyone require a taxi home after enjoying your wedding night. Sometimes local is better and your guests will thank you for it.
  • Pricing
    Your venue needs to be in the right price range for it to be perfect. Not too cheap, but not over the top expensive. Know your limits, but at the same time, this is your one big day, so don’t be too tight on the budget. This is circumstantial and varies wedding to wedding. Be sure to get the right amount of value for your dollar.
  • Dedicated team
    A lot of work from many people goes into making a wedding spectacular. Is the team you met for your initial consultation passionate about your wedding day and have your best interests at heart? If not, it’s time to find another venue. However, if you feel as if they genuinely care about your wedding reception, then you may just have found the one. Don’t let a great team pass you by, they can make the world of difference and can even make planning your wedding a breeze.
  • Match your style to the venue
    The venues style, decore, fittings and ambience need to match your vision of a perfect wedding. Whether it be modern, vintage, country or scenic, the room needs to accommodate your tastes for what you deem to be your perfect venue style.
  • What can you bring?
    You need to check with the venue on what you are permitted to bring to the reception. At various venues, you may not be able to bring in outside alcohol, whilst some venues charge corkage fees. It’s important to ask if you are allowed to bring in outside staff, entertainers and any other requests you may have in mind.
  • Are there restrictions
    Venues could possibly have a number of restrictions which would make the venue unsuitable to the type of wedding you are planning to have. Some restrictions include, but are not limited to noise, liquor licensing, certain activities, entertainment, decorating and even open flame restrictions which will result in no candles being permitted in the venue which may clash with the decor you are after.

Most brides know exactly what their looking for, so get out there, visit some of the venues you have in mind in person and get a feel for the vibe, ambience and the people who operate the reception venue.

The Clarence House is conveniently located in the heart of Belmore, close to the city, has ample parking for guests, boasts a beautiful decore, exquisite fittings, has disability access for all guests who require it, is spacious and is priced to delight. Contact us today for an initial consultation, we would love to chat with you about your exciting plans for your special day and it would be an honour for us to show you around our house.


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