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How To Hire The Perfect Wedding Photographer For You

A wedding is a special event, a union between two people that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. But, it can also be a very overwhelming day that becomes difficult to remember. After all of the effort that has been put into the floral arrangements, the bride’s dress, your friends’ ensembles, and the wedding venue, it’s understandable that a newlywed couple will want to capture those memories so that they can cherish them forever.

Since your wedding day will be over before you know it, it’s important to hire the perfect wedding photographer for you, one who can capture the beauty of these moments that you’ve spent such a long time preparing for. There a few different considerations that should be made when it comes time to decide who to hire. Telling the story of the biggest day in your life through photos is a big responsibility, so choosing the right photographer is not a decision that should be made lightly.

First and foremost, a couple should do the proper research on each photographer they are considering. Every photographer’s style is different. Some favor a more traditional or classic approach, while others have photojournalist tendencies. Traditional photographers believe in involving themselves in the proceedings and asking attendees to pose for photos. Photojournalists take a more natural approach, taking candid photos and rarely asking for poses. The classic style of photographer simply blends the two methods.

A couple needs to have their budget in mind before meeting with photographers and not waste their time by meeting with photographers who are not within their preferred pricing range. Conversely, if you come across a price that seems too good to be true, it typically is.

Be sure to consult with your friends and family who have already hired a wedding photographer and take their input into consideration. Since they’ve been down this road already and done the appropriate research, seek them out and ask them what their impressions were of the photographers they met with. It could go a long way toward making your selection process even easier.

If you are searching for your photographer on the Web, don’t be complacent and limit yourself to the ones listed on the first page. Dig deep and go to as many different websites as you can. You want to find a photographer who allows each wedding’s true essence to shine through, without overpowering the proceedings with their personal style.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions upon meeting with potential photographers. Asking for references will also help you make an informed decision, but be forewarned that the photographer will pick and choose their references wisely so that you only have access to those with glowing praise. Follow up on these references by searching for the photographer on websites such as Yelp, in order to find opinions that are completely unbiased.

You will want a photographer who is a professional and not someone who is simply a hobbyist, trying to make a few extra bucks on the weekends. With technology’s constant advances, hiring a photographer who has the time and training to stay on top of changing trends is key. A professional photographer will be able to provide more options and has a greater dedication to their craft.

If a photographer claims to still shoot with film, this is a huge red flag that shows they are far behind the times. Optimally, you want to hire someone who shoots in either JPEG or RAW. Be sure to have a contract with the photographer stating that you receive a copy of all RAW files. Obtaining the originals is rare, as they tend to look vastly different from the finished RAW files. With JPEG files, it may cost extra to receive them without watermarks.

It is customary for couples to inquire about seeing samples of the photographer’s work. Many photographers are able to wow couples by showing them one amazing shot they were able to take, while the rest of their work is mediocre at best. Take a look at a complete wedding set from the photographer before choosing them to shoot your wedding.

Finding out what your wedding package will include is a crucial aspect to your eventual decision. Making sure that the packages you are comparing from each photographer are equal is critical. The aforementioned files are important, in addition, couples should have a concrete idea of how many hours of coverage they are entitled to. Larger weddings may require the use of more than one photographer.

A photographer should also be able to tell a couple how many proofs they will receive and what format they will be received in. Creating the perfect wedding album is very important to most couples, and a quality photographer should have a variety of options for you to choose from.

While this last part may not seem all that important, hiring a photographer who is truly likable can make or break your wedding day photos. If a photographer is intrusive and disliked by your friends and family, it will come across in the quality of the photography. Think of your potential photographer as an invited guest and consider their people skills before making a choice. If the photographer is not someone you could imagine inviting to your wedding, do not choose them.

Deciding on a wedding photographer can be a stressful process. Hopefully, this list provides some valuable insight to make your selection easier. You only get one opportunity to document your special day, so choosing a photographer who is experienced, talented, and likable is hugely important.


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