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Your Guide to a Perfect Wedding Cake

When it comes to planning for your perfect wedding cake, there are a few different factors that need to be considered. Couples have more options than ever before, so that they can choose the wedding cake that is right for them. The following is a list of steps towards obtaining that special cake.

 1. Deciding On A Style

We’ve all been raised to believe that the traditional round, white cake is the only style of wedding cake there is. But couples have a variety of cake styles to choose from. Instead of selecting the same old cake style that everyone else has, consider the time of the year and the wedding venue before making a choice.

Take your time and feel free to browse through as many cake photos as necessary. The more you are able to look at, the better your chances of finding that cake that is just right for you.

2. Choosing A Shape

This part may seem basic, but can be one of the toughest aspects of choosing that perfect cake. Wedding cakes have always been traditionally round, but square cakes have become increasingly popular in more modern wedding settings. Even oval and triangular shapes make a great choice for the couple who dares to be different.

3. Staying Within Your Budget

The cost of a wedding cake can quickly become exorbitant if a couple doesn’t have any prior experience. Luckily, there are ways to keep costs low. If you wish to have a complicated confectionery with several different levels, be prepared to pay the price. The more time and effort that a baker has to spend on your cake, the more it will cost you.

Ordering your dream cake may prove to be more costly than you expect. Be sure to sit down with your baker prior to ordering so that you’re able to get the cake you want, while remaining within your budget constraints.

4. Finding The Right Baker

Once a couple has decided on all the cake basics (color, shape, budget), they are then ready to begin searching for the perfect baker. Don’t be afraid to do some research. Start off online, search for reviews and canvas any friends and family who were recently married. If you’ve already hired a caterer, they are filled with good suggestions.

Set up appointments with multiple bakers and take the opportunity to browse through their portfolio. Discussing the details of your wedding with the baker allows you to collaborate with them on creating the perfect cake for your ceremony.

5. Tasting Time

Your perfect wedding cake should taste as good as it looks. No need to be reticent when it comes to taste testing your baker’s assorted cakes. Remember, this isn’t just eating cake, this is important research. Tasting a variety of different cakes before your wedding will help you in choosing a flavor and texture that matches your needs. A summer wedding may mean that you choose a lighter, fruitier cake, whereas a winter wedding could call for a heavier selection.

6. Booking The Baker

As soon as you’ve found the baker you think will create the best cake for your wedding, do not hesitate to book them as fast as possible. You may be required to make a deposit and sign a contract, so getting all of this paperwork out of the way early is crucial.

There are a few details to lock in, such as who will be decorating and baking your cake and how long in advance the cake will be made before your wedding day. Top notch bakers can be booked months and even years in advance, so act quickly.

7. Choosing A Display

Deciding how you are going to decorate your cake display table is one of the fun parts. You can select different colors, motifs and even call your florist to help you find matching flowers. No need to settle for that same old cake stand, take the time to properly show off your carefully planned cake.

The tablecloth and the lighting display are also important. Making these choices properly will help ensure that the cake is able to stand out.

8. Deciding On Delivery

The transportation and delivery of your perfect wedding cake should be treated with great seriousness. After all of the effort you and your baker have put in, it is important to take a great deal of care in making sure the cake is transported properly.

Spending a little extra to have the cake personally delivered by the baker is a nice touch that grants the couple that all important peace of mind. Be sure that everyone involved in your wedding knows the proper protocol for storing and serving the cake.

9. Cutting The Cake

Couples can decide whether they want to take the more traditional route of cutting the cake towards the end of their reception, or you can opt to cut at the beginning of the reception during your entrance, when the most eyes are upon you. No matter which decision you make, it is vital to check with the photographer, so that you can get all the necessary shots of the cake before it is cut.

10. Eating The Cake

This may seem obvious, but in all of the chaos that comes with a wedding day, lots of couples never even get the chance to eat their own cake. If you know that you will be busy during the reception, ask the caterer ahead of time if they can set aside your share. After all the hard work you’ve done, certainly you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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