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Traditions even the most modern day wedding should have

There are only a handful of occasions that everyone is guaranteed to remember for the rest of their lives. The birth of a child obviously ranks pretty high on that list. The only thing that even comes close is the day you say I do. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure that some very basic etiquette is followed on the day you walk down that aisle.

Marriage is the most sacred institution in Australia and the traditions within it should be observed. Not all traditions are able to be held as tightly as you will discover, but The Clarence House feels that even the most modern day wedding should address certain traditions. This is a list of proper wedding etiquette that those of us who respect tradition will still embrace.

Have a real flower “Girl”

The opportunity to be a flower girl gives a child a chance to shine and be the center of attention for a few minutes. A little girl may only be granted one or two opportunities in her life to be a flower girl so try to keep that tradition alive. A few years ago.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Having these four items on you at the time of the wedding is important for the bride. This is another very easy tradition to keep and the process of selecting the items adds an air of excitement on the day of the wedding. These four items are rumored to bring good luck and it certainly won’t hurt a newlywed couple to have a little luck on their sides. Remember to wear these items on your person as you march down the aisle.

Going Dutch

The family of the bride is typically expected to bear the brunt of the wedding but this is one tradition that has become antiquated enough to replace. More and more, the family of the groom is pitching in to help pay for the hefty price of the wedding. Both sides of the family come together to enjoy the ceremony and the reception afterward so both sides should pool their resources to pay for everything. Besides, the more people there are to chip in, the bigger and grander the wedding can be.

Plan to get Married Inside

This isn’t advice from the standpoint that every wedding should take place inside of a church. This is sound advice from the standpoint that spring weather is unpredictable and a thunderstorm can absolutely ruin a wedding. Spring time, isolated showers will bear their ugly heads without so much as a warning sometimes and an entire wedding party could be all wet unless Mother Nature decides to play nice. For outside weddings. There should be a large enough gazebo that at least the bride and groom can stay wet through the torrential down pour.

Man of Honor, Best Maid?

This is another tradition that is antiquated enough to be changed. If a person elects to choose a female to be the best man, this is perfectly fine. The two might have grown up together and been plutonic best friends. The same applies to a male maid of honor, though he should be called a man of honor. Sexism is wrong and it shouldn’t be encouraged.

Tradition, Tradition, Tradition

Try to keep as many of the sacred traditions associated with marriage alive in your ceremony as possible. Don’t let the groom see you the day of the wedding. It seems like a silly superstition but it certainly won’t hurt anything and it’s fun to try to avoid each other for an entire day. Have people throw rice as the newlyweds leave the reception and head for the car. The bride should also throw her bouquet to the single women and her garter to the single men. By all means, the wedding dress should be white with at least a short train. No one cares about the bride’s past, least of all the groom so the dress should be a traditional white number. It doesn’t matter what the groom wears because he’ll probably be returning the tuxedo to the rental store before night fall. The bride on the other hand will probably have the dress for the rest of her life and it should make a statement.

Marriage changes a person’s life like nothing else which is why there is such a fuss made about the wedding ceremony. Years of tradition have gone into the planning of the wedding and it’s best not to just throw all those traditions out the window. There is a reason for the customs that are in place within the fabric of any society and throwing that culture out is a big reason for the down fall of society. Some traditions are okay to bend a little but for the most part, as many of the traditions associated with a traditional marriage should be observed as possible.


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