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How to really make an entrance at your wedding

All your guests have arrived, they’ve been enjoying canapés and a few drinks in the foyer for the last hour or so. The MC for the evening kindly asks all guests to take their seats and the anticipation starts rising for the commencement of the bridal party entrance.

It is definitely important for the parents, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, page boy, best man and maid of honour to make a spectacular entrance. But even more important, the bride and the groom need to make the most amazing entrance into their reception, and it is the reason that everyone has gathered on that day, so let’s give them something to talk about with some of these grande entrance tips.


You do not have to be of arabic background for you and your guests to enjoy the unforgettable entrance that the boys at Zaffet Lebnen would offer. Feel free to hire just one or 20 drummers to accompany you and your newkly wed spouse into your wedding reception.

Work closely with your DJ

Choosing the perfect song to accompany your perfect entrance can make all the difference. Team up with your wedding DJ for the evening to have a chat about some great wedding songs to enter into. They would have seen some great entrances and can offer up some good suggestions.

Choreographed Dance

Why not choreograph a dance to go with the song you have chosen to enter into. This can be fun, serious, energetic or playful. It really is up to you and isn’t for everyone. If creating dance moves to go with music is not your forte, then feel free to look up choreographers in your area who will be happy to help out, and it might be a good idea to get some tips and moves for the first dance too.


This would be a good idea to check with your venue or DJ to organise some stellar lighting effects to go with your wedding entrance. Dim the lights down low in the room in anticipation for the moment when the bride and the groom enter the reception and have the lighting effects begin.

Fireworks / Pyrotechnics

Some venues might be able to assist, while there are many individual companies who can help out with some fireworks and pyrotechnics for this aspect for the night. Sounds over the top? It might not be as expensive as you think. Speak to your venue or a wedding pyrotechnics provider for this grand entrance experience which will put you on cloud 9 and your guests will be in awe of the production value gone into this amazing entrance.


A few people do this for the farewell component of the night, but why not do it for the beginning of the night instead. It is a great way to get all your guests involved at the start of the night and get everyone excited for what is about to come. One tip with this one is to get Sparklers that are much longer that your typical ones. If you get the standard sized sparklers, what will happen is half of the guests sparklers will run out while the other half are lighting it, and then not all sparklers are running when you enter. This is easily fixed by purchasing and handing out these larger sparklers.

Performers & Dancers

They can be Chinese, Indian, Hip Hop, Break Dancers or whatever you choose or feel will be a great fit. They don’t have to be the culture background that you are from, it can be something completely different that your guests may not have ever seen at a wedding before. Have as many or as little as you want, this is especially good if you do not like all the spotlight on yourself, but still want to make a grand entrance, as some of the attention will be on the performers and dancers while you and your partner are entering your wedding reception.


You will most definitely need to run this by your wedding reception venue. You don’t see this very often, but have seen it a small number of times where a motorbike (a very loud one at that) will accompany the bride and the groom into the reception. We will leave this one at that though!

Rose petal confetti balloon drop

A balloon drop filled with romantic red rose petals or a colourful confetti drop with colours that match the colour theme of your wedding is not an entrance that you see often, but definitely is an extravagant one. There are a few suppliers and wedding decoration vendors that you can have a chat with for this effect.

Feel free to get in contact with us and let us know of any amazing entrances you have seen from bridal parties, or bride and grooms in the past or even if you have any ideas for what you are going to do for your upcoming wedding, we would love to hear them!


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