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Losing weight for your wedding

It’s every little girl’s first obsession. They will play pretend and do this act, and they will think about it almost every single day. Their wedding. The will have the gown picked as well as the colors. They know exactly how they want every aspect of that wedding to look before they even find the groom. And the number one thing they will think about is how they will look. She wants this day perfect. With the obsession of how they will look, but how they will look in the wedding pictures. Most brides to be will make sure that they shed a few pounds before the big day.

So here are a few tips on how you can lose weight for your wedding.

Keep a food diary, like My Fitness Pal, of everything that you eat for a few weeks. Then at the end of say two weeks, you can go back, and see what foods are high in calories and see where you can switch to a healthier alternative.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is portion control. The oldest trick is to use the smaller portions on smaller plates, because it tricks the brain into thinking that you have eaten your normal portions and you don’t feel as hungry anymore.

Also, you want to also decide some better eating times. You should make your lunch your biggest meal and also make sure not to eat a high calorie or larger meal within a few hours of bedtime. Having a small snack should be fine, but if you eat a large meal and then go to bed, your metabolism will slow and you will not be burning as many calories.

You should always eat breakfast with options that are high in fiber and/or protein. This will jump start your metabolism and get calories burning first thing in the morning. You should also make sure that you are not eating 3 meals a day, but actually five smaller meals per day. This will keep your metabolism high and help you burn more calories and more often.

You might want to also consider throwing in some exercise. For the beginner exercise you can just find some form to do every day. It could be a fast pace walk or going dancing with friends. Your exercises should last for about an hour and you should also be doing this at least twice a week. Always consult a doctor before performing anytime of exercise routine.

For anyone that is exercising and dieting regularly you will definitely start to notice results. Depending on your experience level and how much weight you have to lose, individual results may vary. Most will notice that they will lose up to 5-10 pounds in their first week, but after that it will be healthy to only shred 1-2 pounds a week. Depending on how much weight that you personally have to lose you may want to start about eight months before the wedding. You also want to make sure to aim to reach your goal about two months prior to the wedding to make sure that you are ready for your last and final dress alterations.

Sometimes motivation can be hard to find and it can be difficult to make sure that you are committed to an hour of exercise and the continuation of eating healthy. Especially in the fast paced bridal world and you are making the final decisions for your big dream day. What some brides have done in the past is find a picture of a bride in a dress in about a size that they want to be before their big day. As long as this is a realistic goal, it can definitely be a form of inspiration. Pin it to your refrigerator or inside your panty to remind you think again before you grab that tub of ice cream, or that sour cream to go with some chips. Then you can help yourself keep off the weight by replacing that picture with a picture of your own big day to remind yourself of how great you felt and looked.

While dieting, like before, keep a diary of what you are eating and also a record on a regular consistent basis on how much weight you are losing. Also give notice to any individual differences you notice in yourself. (i.e. better mood, increased energy, a difference in patience levels and stress, etc). You can also give yourself rewards after the wedding by keeping your records so you may see that the weight is staying off your now personal ten body and you give yourself little perks if you maintain yourself within your own set weight range.

You may also want to join some sort of weight loss support group. If you are not comfortable with a group, maybe you can get your friends or your bridesmaids to join you in the weight loss pursuit. That way your friends and you can keep one another motivated all the way up to the big day. They will also keep you on tract to regularly check your stats on your weight loss, fat percentage loss, inches loss, etc. Plus, when you encourage your friends to lose weight with you, then they will be less likely to attempt to offer you sweets while on your diet.

When you do feel hungry you can always make sure to drink a full glass of water. Just by drinking half of your weight in ounces of water you can start to lose weight and also make sure that you are properly hydrated. This will also start to reflect in your skin to give you a better complexion.

Weddings are really stressful. Reaching your personal results quickly can just help you be less stressed and more prepared for the big day. Congratulations on your future weight loss and good luck. The Clarence House loves to see all brides at their best when getting married!


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