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Getting the most out of your honeymoon

When dreaming of your honeymoon you expect to be treated like royalty unfortunately for brides everywhere this royal treatments comes with a price tag that only the Queen could afford. There are ways however to get the most out of your honeymoon whether you are traveling abroad, staying stateside, or not even leaving town. Every newlywed couple should be able to enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest, receiving freebees and perks is the whole reason we said I do. Okay well maybe not the whole reason however it’s not one we are willing to throw away.

Throughout the recession businesses have dwindled their generosity when it comes to honeymoon perk, but it is still possible to receive them. It is important to go in with a mindset that is appreciative if you receive a perk, and still happy if your new hubby has to pull out his credit card.

I think the most important information I can tell you is, do not rely on upgrades. There is no promise that you will receive them so depending on them will leave you upset. Remember that these perks are gifts you are not entitled to them, look at them like they are little surprises along your trip. It is important when planning a trip to book the activities you want and not leave it up to fate. Design your honeymoon the way you want it and let everything else be the sprinkles on top of the newly wed ice cream sunday.

If you have already established a home the addition of multiple toasters, waffle irons, and China patterns may leave you frustrated. However there is a way to keep your home a bit more clutter free while paying for your honeymoon at the same time. By using a honeymoon gift registry website your friends and family are able to pay for specific parts of your honeymoon. Maybe Aunt Betty will send you to a posh restaurant or and exciting excursion, while Grandpa Joe has champagne and flowers waiting for you in your hotel room. Either way it gives your friends and family a chance to be a small part of your honeymoon and it saves you a great deal of money.

As archaic the idea of working with a travel planner may be, they will be your ticket to success when it comes to planning an affordable trip with plenty of newly wed freebees. They will be successful in finding you a honeymoon package that fits your desires as well as your budget all a while making sure you don’t end up in a seedy one star hotel because someone forgot the confirmation number. They will have the ability to call ahead as well and mention you are honeymooners gaining you the perks without the possibility of embarrassment if they say no to your request. After all you are dealing with the stress of a wedding let someone else take over the planning for you.

Consider using airline miles to pay for your honeymoon tickets. Even if you haven’t accrued enough miles to pay for all of your tickets see if it is possible to use the point to upgrade your seating. After all you deserve to relax after all the hustle and bustle of your big day. Occasionally the airline will promote you to business or first class as a perk but it is rarely seen now a days. Mileage points should be acceptable for upgrades and/or paying a portion of your flight.

Often casually mentioning your marital status at restaurants will score you a romantic table for two, free drinks, or even encourage couples around you to send you a drink or pay for your dessert. People love seeing true love in action, it is rare these days so people will spoil you because it makes them feel as if they are contributing to your happiness.

Cruises are an amazing way to have a vacation that is all-inclusive. Food and drink is available at all times, fun activities, as well as beautiful views in almost every room. Often they have honeymoon suites where you can bathe in the romantic atmosphere of rose petals on the bed and champagne chilling, while you breath in the salty ocean air with the one you love. You will find yourself having a fun filled honeymoon with plenty activities to entertain you until you slip away to your suite.

When planning and on your honeymoon make sure to keep a flexible demeanor. Except that this like all trips will probably experience a bump or two, but if you role with it you will find yourself, and your partner much happier for it. Remember that people want to make your honeymoon memorable and contribute to your happiness, so they are prepared to go above and beyond what they would do for a regular customer. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, you are VIP and as long as you keep a kind and friendly demeanor people will want to treat you like it.

Remember to photocopy your marriage license and keep it with you, just in case you are asked to prove you are in fact honeymooners. This is not an excuse to go waving it around asking for discounts it is just in case your wedded bliss is questioned. The most important thing is to enjoy the peace and tranquility with your partner, as they will help you through life’s stickiest situations. A few honeymoon bumps is nothing they can’t handle.


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