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Send Out A Great Wedding Invitation!

It is always ideal to understand the basic design of an invitation. In this case, it is about your wedding! When thinking about how your wedding invitations are going to look, you have to look into what the design of your entire wedding is going to be. That way, an invitation to your recipients will be able to understand what sort of treat they are in for when they come.

Creating an invitation is like creating an entire identity for your special day. Will it be embossed? Will it be simple and modern? Will you use a special natural paper to show off the feeling of how your outside wedding would be experienced by others? Should you use stamps and ink to show a more traditional side to your wedding? All these standards for an invitation will add up to ultimately showing off the look and feel of your wedding day.

Hiring a freelance designer to do your invitations is ultimately the best idea if you want your invite to look professionally done without going through a company and lots of money. That is, if you have no idea how to use computer programs and your printer. But if you would rather create your design yourself, here are some simple tips to get started on creating a beautiful design.

1. Look to craft stores or office stores to find inexpensive papers to print on. You can usually buy them in packs, or in individual sheets. These are also the places you want to buy all your creation tools: embossing tools, glues, stamps, ink, cutting utensils, etc.

2. If you want your invitation to look purely handmade, some good items to think about owning would be stamps or paint. That way, if the creative urge strikes, you can add quick designs to your invitation without having to use a printer. Stamps add a very unique, quality look that a printer just cannot imitate. Every invitation will be special and different, and ultimately, personal.

3. Using your own handwriting to sign and write out the cards can be troubling and tedious, so a great place to find some free handwritten fonts on the computer would be to go to or If you are practiced at calligraphy, think about using a nib pen and a well of ink for a more traditional feel.

4. After you find your perfect materials for your creation, think about what size and shape you are going to be using for your paper. Craft stores have plenty of scrapbooking materials available for use, such as paper stamps and punches. A great tool for rounding edges is a round corner punch. Is your invitation going to be opened landscape style, or portrait style? Or, will it be a single square sheet? These are all important factors that contribute to the overall feel that you are sharing about your wedding day.

5. Envelopes are also a must. It is ideal to keep the envelope as simple and elegant as possible. Making your own envelope ensures full coverage and protection to more delicate invitations, and that there will be no creasing or damage to the paper. You can also create simple mailing labels for the outside of an envelope using a word processor and a few sheets of mailing labels. Most word processors come with a built in label sheet. A word of caution; do not use elaborate fonts on the addresses, as the post offices’ machines might have a hard time reading. Another option for mailing out is the simple postcard ideal. It might seem a little strange, but creating a postcard for a wedding invitation saves time, ink, money, and paper. Also, this is the chance to show off your creative side to others in a quick and simple way.

6. Color usage is the most important factor to remember when creating an invitation. The colors you use on paper reflect how you feel about your recipients, your wedding, and the feelings you want to share. And, colored ink reacts differently to different types of paper. If you have a certain color palette planned out for your wedding, the invitation should reflect it very subtly. Using blacks, silvers, and grays are great for typeface colors. Do not go overboard with color, however, as it can overwhelm and ultimately lose the reader to confusion.

7. Creating an invitation set might take a long time, so it’s best to start early, perhaps a month or two after you know when the big day is. Deciding who and how many people you are sending your invitations to is important in that it will decide how much time and effort you are willing to spend on your invitations.

8. Always, always, ALWAYS use spell check. An invitation that looks great will be brought down by one or two misspelled words. It is ideal to make sure even your recipients’ names are spelled correctly, as computers do not always catch that information.

9. A good thing to remember is to include an envelope and a slip of paper inside your invitation for your recipient to send back to you letting you know if they can come or not. That way, when you get ready to start thinking about seating arrangements, you know how many people will approximately be coming.

Although these are just tips, your invitations are ultimately up to you to decide how you want them to look and feel. Getting ready with invitations is just the first step to creating the best day of your life. Go ahead! Get started with planning, and get out there and let your friends and family know when you are getting married.


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