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Get The Ball Rolling On Planning Your Wedding

Your man popped the question and you said yes. Now you have a big, but exciting journey ahead of you – planning the wedding of your dreams. Whether it is a grand affair or just you, your man and a couple of close members of the family, there will be some type of planning involved.

The first thing to remember here is to not get overwhelmed or become a bridezilla. It can easily happen, but keeping a few things in mind will help you stay on task and keep the planning process an overall enjoyable experience.

We like to focus on getting the ball rolling on wedding planning. That really is the biggest step; sometimes it can also be the most difficult step in the process.

The big steps to get started:

1. Announce the news.

2. Pick a date.

3. Decide on a budget and who is paying.

4. Start looking around for a wedding venue / vendors and/or a wedding coordinator.

Typically the first thing you do after getting engaged is to tell the world. It is easier than ever today – especially with social media. Do yourself a favor though and tell your immediately family first. You will avoid a lot of disappointment and possibly arguments in the future if you call and give them the news first; don’t let them learn about this giant step in your life on your Facebook page. After telling those closest to you the big news, then post away on social media.

The next question you will inevitably get is ‘what’s the date?’ This is a huge part of planning your day. Let’s go a little deeper into this big decision.

The date you pick may need to rely heavily on where you live and if you dream of an indoor or outdoor wedding. Some people prefer a spring wedding, others love a winter wedding and some even want it in the middle of summer.

The best thing to do is first consider if you want the wedding inside or outside. Then if you choose to have your nuptials outdoors, I would suggest looking up the typical weather trends for the area throughout the year and pick a date during the driest month with the most comfortable temperatures.

If you decide to hold your celebration indoors, the weather doesn’t really play a factor. The biggest factor you may face here is popularity of the venue. Summer months are popular because you don’t have to worry about working around school schedules and it tends to be easier for friends and family to travel. However, if your dream venue is one that hosts a lot of weddings, you could be out of luck. Check with your potential venue to see when they are available.

The time of year you choose could also seriously affect the bottom line for your budget. Vendors will tend to charge a premium price during those busy ‘wedding season’ months. However, choose something less common – such as June or July – and you could save big money.

The other big task that comes with getting the ball rolling on planning a wedding is figuring out how to pay for it. Tradition calls for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, but especially in today’s economy that isn’t always possible. In fact, more and more couples are paying for the wedding themselves.

If family will be paying, make sure to have a conversation with them about budget. Money doesn’t grow on trees and weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars easily. A good thing to do would be to start a wedding fund. Even if your family does plan to pay for most or all of the wedding, it’s a good idea to have backup money if things cost more than anticipated. If nothing else, at the end you can use the money for your honeymoon or toward your future together.

Basically, no matter who is footing the bill – everyone who is needs to be a constant part of the budget conversation.

The final thing you really need to do to get the ball rolling on your dream wedding is to start shopping for vendors. You can have as much or as little as you want – caterers, bakers, musicians, coordinators, etc. If you don’t know where to start or if you have a very busy schedule, a coordinator is good idea. They will cost you some money, but their work will save you a LOT of headaches and stress. You tell them what you want and what you can spend and they do all of the hard work. The bride and groom basically just show up for tastings, fittings and venue tours. They do the work, you sign off on it and you end up with your dream day with minimal stress.

At the Clarence House, we offer a team of professional wedding co-ordinators as standard with every couple who chooses to book at our fine and great value for money venue.


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