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Friday and Sunday Weddings

Any day that you and your partner choose to have your wedding is most definitely a special one, and worthy of a celebration that you have always dreamt of. However, so many couples in Sydney are in strong competition to try and book their wedding on the traditional Saturday night wedding, which is more than fine, if that is what they choose to do, and do so for the right reason.

Some couples feel pressured

This is true. Some Sydney couples feel pressured by social norms and outside opinions that they must have their wedding ceremony and reception on the Saturday night. Citing an article written in The Heard Sun, the average wedding is costing Sydney-siders an all time high of $65,000, with many of them reaching the $100,000 mark depending on the size of their wedding reception.

We’ve been noticing a nice new trend

A fantastic way to still have the spectacular wedding of your dreams, whilst saving on a number of expenses that are incurred when planning a wedding, and something we have seen more and more of in recent times, is choosing to ditch the typical Saturday night wedding, and opt to celebrate the big day on either a Friday or a Sunday. There are quite a few pros to choosing to have your wedding on one of these two days, and could potentially be the better option for you and your partner.

Basic economics of supply and demand

Saturday night is the most popular day to host a wedding, and for this very simple fact, the price of a wedding on a Saturday is without a doubt going to be more expensive, and harder to find availability at your chosen wedding venue.

It really doesn’t matter what day of the week you choose to have the biggest day of your life, as long as it is exactly as you had envisioned it, and the people who matter most to you are in attendance.

By having a Friday or Sunday night wedding, you will not be competing as fiercely on price and availability for:

    • Churches and Ceremony Locations: The second biggest challenge when making a wedding associated booking is either the church, or the location of your ceremony. This once again becomes less competitive and more likely to have availability if you choose to do this on a date that is not a Saturday. Churches tend to book out quite far in advanced, and this needs to be compatible with the date you choose for your reception also, so increase your chances of having both available by doing an alternate day to Saturday.
    • Your Guests: This might sounds like a bit of a weird point, however, the availability of your friends, family and guests is also a consideration that you must factor in to your decision. As Saturday is a very popular day to host a wedding, then the likely-hood of a guest having another wedding on the same day is much higher. As much as everyone would love to attend your special day, conflicting dates with invitations to multiple weddings on the same date will mean that some guests will not be able to make it, as they will need to attend another reception on the same date. It’s always an unavoidable disappointment when planning a wedding, but this does decrease by having a Friday or Sunday wedding
  • Wedding Suppliers: You will have better luck booking in your preferred wedding suppliers such as photographers, videographers, florists, DJs, entertainment. They too, often provide certain discounts or additional extras in packages for Friday and Sunday weddings.

Tips for making a Friday night wedding a success

  1. Ensure the ceremony is later in the afternoon, as many people do work full time
  2. Try to have the ceremony and reception locations close to each other. This will allow enough time for photos and a quick transition from ceremony to reception.
  3. People are usually excited about the weekend, so many guests will be in high spirits and not too worried about what time the reception finishes.

Tips for making a Sunday wedding a success

  1. Choose to have your ceremony earlier on in the day and allow plenty of time for photos
  2. Start your reception a little earlier and have it finish closer to 10pm
  3. As people generally have work the next day, they generally need to leave a little earlier to ensure they do get their 8 hours of sleep before Monday morning hits.
  4. To ensure people don’t leave too early, we suggest you have the reception start around 4-5pm and finish around 10pm to get the most value out of your hard earned money.
  5. Give plenty of RSVP and Invitation time to people most closest to you and those in the bridal party. They may choose and you can give them the opportunity to take the Monday following your wedding off. They might want to celebrate the entire day and night with you and may need some time to recover, as a wedding day can take it out of the best of us. Many close friends and family would be happy to do this for your big day, provided the proper notice was given.

Clarence House offers stellar Friday and Sunday Packages

At The Clarence House, we have hosted many successful weddings every day of the week, so ultimately the decision is up to you. It is always a good idea to weight up the options and make a decision that is best for you, your partner, your pocket and your wedding. Consider your budget and ensure your guests have the most amazing experience, and that you, as a newly wed couple have the most amazing day of your life.

Please enquire and contact our offices to speak to our professional wedding planners about booking a wedding for a date that suits you.


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