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Be the best bride you can be – Part One

Being a bride-to-be can be an immensely stressful time for you, your partner, your family and also your friends, especially those in the bridal party. Even so, it is of the upmost importance to be graceful, composed and well-organised. This can be difficult at points leading up to the wedding, especially when things don’t go as planned, but this is why we have prepared these handy hints below, to help you stay on top of tasks and to assist you in being the best bride you can possibly be.

Don’t spend all of your wedding budget on your dress
We all want to look the best we can be on our wedding day, and because all eyes are on us, many brides tend to spend much more than planned and budgeted for on their bridal dress.This can be a big mistake early on as it can put more stress and less resources on other important aspects of the big day. Set your budget early and stick it to ladies!

Find comfortable bridal shoes to wear
There is nothing worse than seeing a lady take off her shoes at a wedding, let alone a bride on her wedding day. Make sure, for your sake and others, that you find comfortable shoes to wear. Remember, this is a long day, so you might want to sacrifice height for something you can last from the morning, a bit of dancing, right through to the end of the reception. Don’t be one of those brides that takes their shoes off at their reception, it’s not a good look and people definitely notice.

Loosen up
Being a bridezilla is inevitable at some points in the preparation process for your wedding. When things get a bit hectic, remember to stop, take a breath, take another breath, and take one more big deep breath and remember what this day is all about. This is supposed to be a momentous day and the planning should be just as fun.

Look the best you possibly can, but set realistic weight loss goals?
We all want to look amazing for the biggest day of our lives. We definitely encourage healthy weight loss efforts, exercising to tone up and eating fresh and healthy foods for our bodies development. Remember, to set realistic and achievable weight loss goals. Loosing too much weight too drastically is unhealthy and damaging to your body, but also, setting unrealistic weight loss goals can lead to disappointment when you don’t exactly hit those goals and can lead to a loss in motivation and the healthy routine can drop off easily, so be careful.

Stay tuned for part Two (of three) in our series of “Be the best bride that you can be”


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